According to statutory requirements and government regulations, the following documents are to be sent to us by 'the Employer' in order for us to successfully carry out the recruitment drive:

  1. Power of attorney from the 'Employer' in the name of Mathew International, that is, authorizing us to advertise, recruit and deploy the required personnel on their behalf.
  2. Demand Letter for the number of personnel required, salary, perks, duration of contract, etc.
  3. A "Sample" Contract Agreement between employer and employee (who is to be recruited by Mathew International).
Note: Only in the case of Kuwait,the above documents must be duly attested by the Chamber of Commerce and the Indian Embassy in Kuwait. For all other countries, this attestation is not required. If you require us to email you samples of all the above 3 documents, please let us know. We will be glad to email you the same.
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