Over the years I have learnt to understand and respect people power and the need to man the industry with the right human resources. In Mathew International's experience of over 45 years in the overseas manpower recruitment business, we have successfully deployed more than 300,000 personnel across the globe. One of the key elements of Mathew International's success story is our ability to deliver in volume and in time, dictated by project requirements, even in the rapidly changing globalized era. This became possible with constant technological upgradations, improvements of systems and processes, constant staff training and skill enhancement. Every decade has brought its innovation and consequent changes.

One of my ambitions was to setup a modern office with extensive infrastructure, professionally qualified employees, state-of-the-art office equipments and improved business systems and processes. With the introduction of the 3G spectrum, communication has become much faster, both in receipt of client requirements and speedy execution of orders. We have had, for quite a while, state-of-the-art modern video conferencing facilities for interview purposes to avoid the unnecessary wastage of travel time and money for our clients. Our extensive nation-wide network, head hunting facilities, and our impeccable reputation of over 40 years in the business, have contributed substantially in the achievement of our current eminence in the industry.

Today I am more than satisfied with the way we cope up successfully with our clients' requirements to their full satisfaction. Our over reaching goal is to earn as many satisfied clients as possible and make a difference in their business through our unique services. We also believe in building relationships that endure over time. Satisfying our clients is our way of life and a serious vocation. Many strategic initiatives have been taken to place us in the top league in the industry as one of the most sought-after overseas manpower recruiters in India. Mathew International has also over the years made substantial contributions towards our corporate social responsibility through various charitable endeavours.

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